It’s never too late to have fun! LEGO bricks have a long and proud history of being a steadfast popular toy since 1942, remain etched in the minds of generations of adults who have played with them long after childhood. The Da Vinci Bricks philosophy is equal opportunity for all and so we are delighted to offer our classes to seniors and adults alike giving them the chance to relive (or for the first time!) The joy of using LEGO bricks. The educational element remains of course our regular activities, adding added value to these activities. The versatility of LEGO bricks makes them the ideal tool for creating rich and varied programs for children and adults. What is the generation difference?

Workshops for seniors and grandchildren

Invite your grandchildren to a LEGO® brick model building workshop! For about an hour and a half, grandparents and their grandchildren build a technical electric Lego model, then play with and upgrade it. In addition to being educational for the younger generation, it also allows them to share quality time with their elders.

Our Golden Age LEGO® Brick Workshops are accompanied by a patient and empathetic instructor, trained by DaVinciBricks specifically for senior activities.

Parents and children day

A special event where parents and children build an electric model while having fun and sharing an unforgettable experience! ”