Cool Clickers

Cool Clickers

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Age group: 4 to 6 years old

Our rich program is unique and designed especially for preschool children to develop their motor and spatial skills while exploring geometric shapes and the universe of animals using unique flexible pieces.

This hands-on educational experience helps children to better assimilate these topics.

This course will provide a hands-on educational experience by enabling children to discover basic engineering solutions. It introduces children in a fun, simplified and very concise way to rich terminology relating to engineering, science and the world of animals. Children will therefore develop self-learning skills in construction techniques and acquire a variety of scientific knowledge. In addition, children will strengthen their communication skills while learning and playing with their friends.

Subjects discussed

  • Fundamental theories of physics such as equilibrium and flotation
  • Different types of animals
  • The natural world – pollination and symbiosis
  • Space, Earth and the Solar System
  • Basic geometry
  • Vehicles such as boats, cars and trucks, including a discussion of road safety

Program objectives

  • Develop motor and spatial skills
  • Improve social interaction
  • Improve self-expression
  • Foster creative thinking
  • Broaden children’s horizons and introduce fundamental theories about the world around us
  • Build self-confidence