Bricks Experts

Lesson duration: 75 minutes

Age group: 10 to 12 years old, or graduates of the Bricks Lab program

Bricks Experts builds on the topics learned in the Bricks Lab course, and goes a step further in building children’s ability to take a mechanical systems engineering approach. Teamwork is an important part of the course, as models built with LEGO bricks are larger and more complex than previous programs, so go for it as a team!

Subjects discussed

  • Mathematics, in more complex areas than those covered by Bricks Lab.
  • Key theories of physics, building on topics learned in Legolab.
  • Model building, including construction equipment, vehicles and air tools.

Program objectives

  • Develop motor skills.
  • Foster creative thinking.
  • Strengthen the understanding and analytical capacity of engineering processes.
  • Broaden horizons and better understand physics and the natural world.
  • Improve social interactions and communication skills, which naturally increases self-confidence.