Bricks Lab

Age group: 6-10 years old

Lesson duration: 75 minutes

Bricks Lab is aimed at elementary school children and is our most popular program (for good reasons of course!). It covers the fundamentals of engineering, math, science, and works to supplement the basics taught to children as part of their regular school curriculum. In this program children will build motorized models using LEGO® bricks and will understand several scientific theories through storytelling and demonstrations, children will learn STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in an intuitive and attractive way. Well, our parents always said that learning can be fun.

Subjects discussed :

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of physics including torque, fulcrum, angular momentum, kinetic and potential energy, law of action and reaction, law of inertia and more …
  • Introduction to key figures in the scientific world, such as Einstein, Isaac Newton and Archimedes,
  • Model building including aircraft, cranes, amusement park rides, elevators, and much more …

Program objectives

  • Develop motor skills.
  • Foster creative thinking.
  • Strengthen the understanding and analytical capacity of engineering processes.
  • Improve social interactions and communication skills, which naturally increases self-confidence.
  • Broaden horizons and better understand physics and the natural world.