Our Robot College curriculum is the most advanced program we offer, one that provides training and theoretical knowledge in software programming and mechanical engineering, supported by math and physics instruction. As with all our programs, model-building forms the foundational element of the class, which in Robot College is part of a more complex overall assignment which includes software coding. Using LEGO NXT Intelligent bricks to build and engineer their programs, students will finish the course well-versed in the principles of software and mechanical engineering.

Lesson length: 90 minutes

Intended age range: 12 – 15 years

Topics covered:

  • Software engineering – including terms loops, dynamic programming, commands, applied mathematics, interfacing and planning methods.
  • Mechanical engineering – law of physics and complex arithmetic.
  • Building of models including robots, animals, vehicles and construction equipment.


Aims of the program

  • Enhancing logical thinking and procedural thinking.
  • Enhancing mathematical thinking.
  • Developing programming skills.
  • Further developing motor skills.
  • Enhancing ability to cope with malfunctions in programs.
  • Nurturing creative thinking.