The RoboTech program introduces theoretical and practical aspects of Science, Technology, Software Engineering, Math (STEM) and Entrepreneurship.

Stay focused, it’s a bit complicated: The program develops algorithmic thinking and implementation using the LEGO® We-Do graphic programming. During each lesson children will build a robot and program it according to the required functionality. May we say, wow!

This program goal is achieved when the students design a software and mechanical engineering project, study its market and make a successful presentation to investors.

Intended age range: 9 – 12 years OR graduates of one of the DaVinciBricks mechanical engineering programs

Lesson length: 60 minutes/90 minutes

Topics covered:

Utilizing DaVinciBricks Spiral Method: the introduction to the world of robotics will be based on implementing all the mechanical engineering knowledge acquired in previous programs.

Software and Mechanical Engineering principles: Algorithm planning, formulation of pseudocode, flow charts, We-Do Programming, different output implementations, different input implementations, loops, multi-threads, keyboard operations, sensor implementations, calculation commands.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Market study, product page, how Google works, Microsoft Power Point, rhetorical methods.

Aims of the program:

  • Develop algorithmic thinking.
  • Develop procedural thinking.
  • Learn English software engineering terminology.
  • Develop self-confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.
  • Submit a final project.
  • Develop presentation skills and nurture rhetorical capabilities.
  • Develop the 21st century skills: working in teams efficiently, Computer orientation, acquiring information system and media literacy, develop High order thinking skills with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking.