At DaVinciBricks we know that the way to get children to engage with the material they’re being taught is to show how it’s relevant to the world around them. We therefore start all our lessons with theoretical explanations and stories which are both interesting and explain how what we’re learning about applies to the things we see around us. For example, if we want to teach children about balance, we will show them a scale or get them to build a seesaw, so they can a) see the theory in action and b) understand why it’s important to understand how it works.

By following up the theory with model-building, the children immediately get to apply what they have learned in an interactive and fun way, which both reinforces the lesson and makes the child enthused about what they have discovered. Playing with the model allows children to experiment with and test the theory in a relaxed and playful environment, and a quiz towards the end of every session makes sure that children leave with the knowledge they have acquired during the class fresh in their minds.